No matter what stage of parenting you’re at, we’ve created Nurture By NAPS™ to give you the tools you need to trust your gut, across feeding, sleeping, milestones, and so much more that is parenting.

Become part of our community & instantly receive access to our team of 35+ nurses, all of our tools, and our supportive community.

You’ll Get…

Ask A Nurse forum with 24-hour response time to keep you from a google rabbit hole.

Nearly 100 explainer, demo, and how-to videos for those who learn better by seeing.

Over 20 in depth courses on labor, breastfeeding, newborn care and more for our overachievers.

Care guides, checklists, and worksheets for our Type A friends.

Special discounts on lactation and sleep consults for when you need that 1:1 time.

Exclusive live webinars and Q&As to stay in touch with our community.

We’ve seen it all!

except true support

With more than a decade as labor and delivery nurses, we’ve worked with thousands of new and experienced parents. And we got really f!cking tired of a system that either provides care that is too medical and non-individualized or too informal, feeding off parental doubt and “expert” advice.

So we founded NAPS™ to empower parents by providing customized care based on both medical and expert advice, and real-life parenting scenarios. Helping parents to feel less chaotic and able to make decisions by trusting their gut.


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Some Street Cred

Still not convinced? Check out what parents (or soon-to-be parents) like you are saying. And unlike parenthood, you’re free to cancel any time.


No matter where you are in the country, Nurture by NAPS should be your go-to resource for exceptional, shame free, empowered maternal care and education. I am located in Austin, TX and have used almost all of the membership' services from Baby Boot camp, infant CPR, Nurture by Naps courses, virtual lactation visits, to the Mom's survival group. Every experience has been exceptional... They make you feel empowered and validated in all your decisions and are truly there to support you every step of the way.

Megan Saxelby