When you stop searching outside yourself for answers and start trusting your ability to parent, the whole experience changes.

What's the key to finding that self trust? Surrounding yourself with the right support.

Created by two registered nurses, Nurture by NAPS combines community and content to ensure you always have access to the resources and support you need. Never go spiraling down a Google rabbit hole at 3 a.m. ever again! 

Whether you are newly pregnant and feeling excited but overwhelmed or at home struggling to potty train your toddler, Nurture by NAPS is your key to becoming the confident parent you want to be.

How do we know so much about parenting?

We're Emily Silver and Jamie O'Day, founders of NAPS and the Nurture by NAPS membership program.

We’re Registered Nurses and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants. But we're also in the thick of motherhood like you, as moms to 5 girls combined. 

Having worked with countless women and families over the last 10 years as Labor and Delivery nurses, and now through NAPS, we’ve seen first hand how feeling overwhelmed and under-supported in your pregnancy and parenting journey can leave women second guessing themselves and lacking confidence.

We’re here to change this narrative, by supporting women and families in a non-judgmental way that leaves you feeling proud of the decisions you make for you and your family.

Join Nurture by NAPS

We offer two payment options, annual or monthly. Enjoy tremendous savings when you pre-pay for the entire year (almost $200 less!) Choose the plan that's best for you:


Pre-pay for 1 Year

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Purchasing a 1-year membership to Nurture by NAPS gives you unlimited access to our full program, from pregnant through the toddler years. Enjoy unlimited use of special discounts, free webinars, live Q&As and more.


Monthly Subscription

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You will be charged $97 each month for access to our full membership program and all member perks. Enjoy special discounts on lactation and sleep consults. Cancel at any time.